I Would Tell You These Things If I Were Your Father.

Parental guidance & help for black youth.


What African American Youth Need To Understand About Themselves, Their Past and Promise. Give your African American Youth the “Eight Guiding Principles” that can stimulate individual change and ignite their innate God-given power to “KNOW” who they are so that they can “THINK” their way through the maze of options and choices that face today’s young people.


Your Energy. Your Child.

Healthy energy exchanges.


This lecture retraces how I helped children and teenagers in detention centers. Many of them were angry and disillusioned with life and were hardened criminals. Yet, there was a spark of life (light) within them that awakened when they were engaged properly. After attending this lecture, you will have a new perspective on children, their potential and capacity to love you beyond your wildest dreams. I will show you how to access your children’s hearts and breathe happiness and love into your relationships as well as your lives!


The Unshackled Mind

African American socially & historically.


The Unshackled Mind Lecture: Based on my book, The Unshackled Mind: An Afrocentric Approach To Self Help. This lecture targets the African American audience. It is a frank conversation that is as enlightening as it may be uncomfortable. Ultimately, it is uplifting, affirming and will make you proud to be African American.


Spirit: The Church Within Us



This lecture addresses who we all really are, and how we lost our natural highs and became angry and embittered. In this lecture, I take them back to that powerful moment in time when they were happy babies.

They were high on life…Naturally. As time goes on, they are abused and often frightened into a state of shock, which causes them to lose their natural high … at which point, they seek other means of “getting high”. At the end of the lecture, I guide them through a Mediation/Relaxation response exercise. I show them how to get their natural high back and give them tools that they can utilize for the rest of their lives. The idea behind what I do as a spiritualist is to keep myself grounded and functioning as a servant while I am on earth this time around.

I believe that our primary reason for being on earth is to “serve”. We are servants. It is the highest calling. In the traditions of prophets of the past like Yeshua, Muhammad, Shirdi Sai Baba, Ahmadou Bamba and Imhotep, (Peace to them all), just to name a few, I believe we should strive to leave a legacy of love and peace on earth for future generations to follow. My “God Man” and “God Woman” prayers are shared…if you are drawn to them, feel free to engage as you please. heir lives. It is simple but profound! I perfected this powerful lecture in detention centers in the Washington DC area, as well as other centers, schools businesses, etc. It is a popular lecture that is my favorite!


Motivation & Meditation

Getting high naturally.


This lecture addresses who we all really are, and how we lost our natural highs and became angry and embittered.